New Turbo Snacks Plantain Chilli 45g

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Availability:6 in stock


New Turbo Snacks Plantain Chilli

Savoury rather than sweet, Turbo’s chilli plantain chips are versatile munchies that taste just as good with wine and cheese as with beer. (They’re also great in soups, trail mixes, and all by themselves!) They have none of the artificial additives, cholesterol, hydrogenated oils and MSG found in so many snack chips, and they’re suitable for low-FODMAP, paleo and autoimmune protocol (AIP) diets. Plantains are very nutritious, too, rich in potassium and other minerals, B vitamins, and resistant starch, which serves as a prebiotic food for good gut bacteria and can help restore and maintain digestive balance. Their diuretic effects support kidney and bladder health and can also reduce menstrual discomfort.

Ingredients: Plantains, Red Palm Oil, Salt, Natural Chilli Flavour

Spicy snack – great for dipping and with cheese
Good source of fibre and prebiotic resistant starch
More potassium and vitamins A & C than banana chips



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