Sunita Organic Halva with Coconut Syrup

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Availability:6 in stock


Sunita Organic Halva with Coconut Syrup 75g New

Halva, a confection of sesame seed paste (tahini) with some natural sweetener such as grape juice or honey, was traditionally served with Lenten breakfasts in Greece and at weddings and other celebrations during the days of the Ottoman Empire. Now, though, you can enjoy this sweet and nutritious treat all year round and anytime of the day. It’s still great with breakfast – try topping your cereal with it – as well as a perfect nibble during coffee breaks and a delicious after-dinner dessert. Sunita’s halva is made in Greece the traditional way, but this version adds a tropical twist with coconut syrup ethically sourced from Asia and Africa as the sweetener.
Ingredients: Ground Sesame Seeds, Coconut Syrup



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